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LHI’s primary areas of impact in Ghana include education, health, youth and women development and empowerment, and sustainable agriculture programs. 


School children in underserved communities are in desperate need of school supplies. Classrooms lack the basic essential school supplies such as pencils and crayons that make for a meaningful educational experience for school children.

Experience the smile and hope on the face of a child who has never owned or has a book of their own to read. The lack of these supplies negatively affects the quality of the education these children receive.

We at LHI believe providing educational support is an endless investment in the future of our world. It is a critical component for reducing unending poverty, improving the well-being of many of the children and creating a more equitable world.

Our education support program CHILDREN’S early reading and literacy. We focus on soliciting and collecting new/ fairly used reading/ textbooks, school supplies, backpacks; ship these items to our serving locations in Ghana, donate to partner community schools, libraries or distribute directly to disadvantaged school children in desperate need of such resources.  

Also, we work with communities to start community libraries to help increase child literacy. Reading allows the children to imagine things they didn’t think are possible and to dream of things they might see and/or want to become someday. 


We do not diagnose, prescribe nor fill prescriptions. We partner with community health centers that are approved by the authorized government agency to operate in underserved communities, finding these health centers the much needed medical supplies.

Every day, a great deal of valuable medical supplies never get used after they are opened and get discarded due to strict government regulations. We solicit and collect these supplies, which never had patient contact, ship them to be used to save lives, diverting these supplies from the landfills.

We only accept donations of unused, unexpired medical supplies and used but functioning biomedical equipment.


Sustainable farming practices with focus on hands-on education in urban and modern farming methods and use of quality seeds, equipment, and marketing. Work to create a strong and diverse local food and nutrition system.


Our outreach program serves interns, educators, clinicians, researchers and medical professionals (group) who want to volunteer their time offering free health screening clinics in our serving locations, or want to make a donation of medical supplies or equipment to a community health center, we can get you or your donation to the right institution. We help arrange medical operational research studies in Ghana for medical professionals. 

More information, please email us: 

Get Involved Globably​


​There are several ways you can get involved at LHI. You can donate monetarily or in-kind, sponsor in part or in the entirety a 20 or 40 feet container load of donations, or volunteer to help. We also need volunteers in different areas, such as grant writing, social media, soliciting donations, fundraising etc. More information, please email us: 

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